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Cyborg Lacrosse Incorporated is a Non Profit Corporation. 


Cyborg Lacrosse, Incorporated will grow the game of lacrosse and make the sport more inclusive for people with limb loss.


All proceeds will go to helping make the game of lacrosse more inclusive and providing opportunities for people suffering from limb loss to enjoy the game of lacrosse.


Founder and President Christian Cosme is a testament that the game of lacrosse provides healing and rehabilitation. The Haudenosaunee National believe the game is a gift from the creator used to provide entertainment, healing, and medicine. 


Lacrosse is used as a way to settle disputes and avoid war. All the teaching of the Haudenosaunee Nationals are tied to the traditional wooden stick. The sacred wooden stick connects us to the land and our ancestors. The game has brought Cosme Purpose, Peace, And Prosperity. 


The Lacrosse Community has Taken Notice of Cosme’s Efforts to promote the Medicine Game and Express to the world that there is hope!


Cosme founded Cyborg Lacrosse Incorporated to Continue his efforts as an ambassador for the game and an advocate for the limb loss community. 


Everyone should know that the game of lacrosse is the first sport created in America, by the indigenous people who this land belongs to long before baseball. 


Cosme hopes to advocate and be the voice of the limb loss Lacrosse community knocking on the door of the Paralympic Committee to establish a Paralympic lacrosse program in America. 


It’s Only a Scratch

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